Find your Community Everywhere you Go
Imagine being able to find friends and people who share your values, goals and have complimentary personality traits everywhere you go.
This is what the Personality NFT can do. It's a symbolic representation of your Values and BIG 5 Personality Traits in an NFT form and this makes it very powerful.
The Personality NFT can be used in any Metaverse, Web3.0 Community, at Events, and in person.
We are building apps like the Friend Finder Bot and the Match Analyzer that can introduce you to high-quality matches and predict the dynamics of your relationship! This can be used for dating, team formation, and community building.
And this is just the beginning.
We are building a P2E Metaverse game, 'The Game of Life' that creates levels based on your Personality NFT that helps you accomplish your goals and grow as a person.
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