Free Rarity Cards

Limited Time Only
High Rarity is Reserved for You
When Minting Begins, we will start minting Super Rare. After 1800 Super Rare NFTs have been minting, we will move on to Rare and down the chain of rarity.
There are two ways to Increase your Rarity
  1. 1.
    Free using Abasador Program below
  2. 2.
    Buying a Ming Pass on Opensea

What about Epic, Mythical & Legendary?

Epic, Mythical and Legendary are reserved for YOU, the Community.
If you are a builder, community leader, marketer, or influencer and want to share this with your community, reach out to us at [email protected]
Additionally, if you invite over 100 People, please reach out, and we will gift you an Epic, Legendary or Mythical level Rarity Card.
This is only available for a limited time and in quantity.

How to Get the Personality NFT for Free

You can earn a Free Personality NFT via our Ambassador Program in Playgrounds.
When you join Playground and share it, we automatically track how many people joined. You can earn a Free Personality NFT just by sharing.

Reward Levels

Gold: Invite 25 People and get a 'Super Rare' Rarity Card
Winners will receive a Rarity Card that will allow them to Mint their Personality NFT for Free. Then you can share your discount code with everyone you invited to Playgrounds and start earning immediately!
Go to Playgrounds > Invite:​