Partner Program: Give $10 & Get Yield
We pay up to 50% of each sale back to the Community!

Each Personality NFT will have a discount code attached to it. When the discount code is used, the buyer will get a discount and the code owner will get the Yield from the sale. Additionally, you will earn a yeild when you buyer's code is used, and this goes up to seven levels deep. As the network you are helping spread grows, you continue to get rewareded.

Rarity is broken down into 7 Levels. Each level of Rarity corresponds to Yield% and Payout Levels.
The first number represents you Yield on Direct Sales. For example, Epic has a 35% Yield on Direct Sales. The Yield following the first number show the yeild for each level after the direct sale occurs. As shown below, Common only pays for Primary and Secondary Sales whereas Epic pays from Direct to Septenary Sales whereas C

Yield Per Payout Level
Total Payout Yield
35% | 10% | 1% | 1% | 1% | 1% | 1%
30% | 9% | 1% | 1% | 1% | 1%
25% | 8% | 1% | 1% | 1%
Super Rare
20% | 7% | 1% | 1% | 1%
15% | 6% | 1% | 1%
10% | 5% | 1%
5% | 4%

Each Rarity has a different yield paramaters and level it pays out on. When we add all of the levels together for each Rarity, we get a Total Payout Yield. The Total Yield represents the max amount of yield paid out on a purchse for each Rarity Level.
We pay up to 50% of each sale back to the Community!

Now lets take a look at an example. If you have an Epic Rarity, you would earn on all 7 levels of sales. You would earn 35% on Direct Sales, 10% on Secondary Sales, and 1% on your Tertiary to Septenary Sales!
If 25 people used your discount code the total revenue generated would 25 sales x $95 for a total of $2,375. However, due to the Levels and Network effects, you can actually earn a lot more than $2,375.
Let's look at the breakdown. Let's assume a $95 Personality NFT cost, a $10 Discount, and 15% Admin Fee. This means that each direct sale's yield is $25, secondary sales are $7 and all others are $0.72.
Now, If 25 people used your discount code who then sold to 5 people on average, who also sold to 5 people on average, who then sold to 2 people on averege, who also sold to 2 people on average and the last two groups also sold to 1 person on average.
Here is what the numbers look like at each level:
Direct Sales
25 Sales X $25/sale [you sold to 25 people]
Secondary Sales
125 x $7/sale [each sold to 5 people]
Tertiary Sales
625 x .72/sale [each sold to 5 people]
Quaternary Sales
1250 x .72/sale [each sold to 2 people]
Quinary Sales
2500 x .72/sale [each sold to 2 people]
Senary Sales
5000 x .72/sale [each sold to 1 person]
Septenary Sales
5000 x .72/sale [each sold to 1 person]
At the end, we are looking at $11,850! Overall, this is a great return for sharing a $95 NFT that you believe in with 25 people.
Having strong Direct Sales, then helping your direct sales get 5 sales each and then repeat the process leads to a huge network effect.

As you can see, $11,850 is a lot more than the total revenue generated from your 25 primary sales, totaling $2,375. In essence, when optimized, you can earn far more than a 100% Yield due to the Network Effect.
Since you are getting rewarded on up to 7 levels, it really pays to target community leaders, DAO treasuries, influencers, and life coaches who can give and receive the most value from this project.
With a little work targeting influencers and community leaders who are a natural fit for this project, you can put yourself in a situation where your Personality NFT is earning recurring monthly revenue.
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