The Playground is like an entire world built just for you.

The Playground is the first step of our Vision in 2D. Here we are providing our Core Content for Free and value propositing for Free.

Why is it FREE?

It's Free because we believe that there is far more value in applying this information in your life and sharing your insights with the community than charging you. In other words, the value you create is worth far more than what we would charge.

Here are a few things that make our community special:

  • We've got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into conversation in a space that's all our own.

  • We've got Topics to organize our activity, Search to find what we're looking for, and Save Post for you to quickly come back to your favorites.

  • You can direct message. You can also post and have threaded conversations.

  • We can organize virtual sessions and events.

  • We can keep conversations and messages going before, during, and after our events.

  • If and when we want them, we can also organize smaller groups and/or our own online courses.

How to Get the Most out of The Playground

We have 3 main Core Focuses that are designed to help you achieve a state of FLOW, where you are moving towards and achieving your goals in an effortless fashion.

  1. Workshops

  2. Co-Creating

  3. Community

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