All of us want to be happy however, we often find ourselves chasing one desire after the other. We get temporary pleasure, followed by boredom and a meaningless lul, only to repeat the pattern. The way out is to take on meaningful responsibility.
Bootcamps are designed to help align your goals with your values and personality, so you will take on the responsibility of becoming the best version of yourself.
Our core pieces of content address most people's main needs: Self Mastery, Financial Freedom, and Relationships.
This is a personalized Bootcamp. After taking our Personality Test, you can use your results and this Bootcamp to identify the values that motivate you most toward action. Your values will give you clarity on what your ideal goals are. Your personality traits then act as a toolset that helps you achieve your goals.
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For those that are interested, these Bootcamps help you understand the Personality Test that we have created which leverages the BIG 5, Identity and Values Assessments and the Dark Triad. The Big 5 Personality Deep Dive is Free.
The emergence and Web3.0 offers a tremendous opportunity for Community DAOs to create Abundance. For those that are interested, these Bootcamps help you understand the big picture and give us the opportunity to work together towards finding and creating value in the Metaverse. Metaverse & NFT Investing is Free.
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