What is a Personality NFT?

Personality NFT is a Snapshot of your Personality Traits, Dark Triad, and Values

We have developed the most complete Psychometrics Test which includes your Big 5 personality traits, value systems, and identity and allows you to predict future behavior. Similar tests cost between $100 and $1200 USD.

After you take our FREE Psychometrics Personality Test you will recieve a Card with 2 Sides.

Personality Card

The Green Card displays your Big 5 Personality Traits and Dark Triad traits on a 10-point scale.

The Big 5, breaks down your personality across five dimensions: Extraversion, Openness, Agreeableness, Nueroticism, and Conscientiousness. These five dimensions impact how we perceive the world, what we notice, and what strategies we use to move forward in the world and accomplish our goals.

This is the only personality test that is scientifically valid and able to predict future behavior.

Values Card

The Values card, or your Face Card, symbolizes your values.

The Values test is based on the latest developmental psychology. It helps you identify what you value in life. Values determine how we see ourselves and the world and can help us identify our main goals in life. By combining these tests, you’ll have clarity on what values are most meaningful to you and how to move towards them using your personality traits.

Community Invite

Each Card has a link to your Values Community. This is an invite-only group created for people who share similar values and goals.

Taking the Test

Before taking the test make sure that you:

  1. You are Not Hungry

  2. Have 15 minutes of uninterrupted time

  3. You are relaxed and feel like your normal self

You can take the test here: https://app.personalitynft.com/

The test is FREE and Anonymous. After you take the test you will have the option to Save your Results by logging in.

Soon, you'll be able to MINT your Personality and save your results via your Eth Address. In this way, you can save your results, mint your personality and still be Anonymous.

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