We have a few very exciting products as a part of our roadmap...


This leaderboard will show you which Personality NFTs are earning the highest royalties and how much they are earning from each level.
This will help establish their value on Opensea.

Match Maker Bot

After we sell 1,000 Personality NFTs, we will begin developing the Match Maker Bot. This bot will introduce you to people who are a very high match!

Where will the bot live?

The Bot will live in Discord and in the Metaverse. For our Beta test, we are exploring using it at the Chatbot Conference in Decentraland where it can introduce attendees to each other based on their Personality NFT results.

Team Compatability SWOT

After we sell 5,000 Personality NFTs, we will begin developing a Team Compatability Assessment Tool. This Tool will allow teams to input each team member's Personality NFT and the Assessment will yield a result on the compatibility of the team and a SWOT analysis with suggestions.